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Christian Stewardship Network

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Who We Are

We are a network of stewardship pastors and leaders who serve in a local Christian congregation. Our mission is simple yet profound: connect stewardship pastors and leaders and help them be the absolute best they can be!



What We Do

define true biblical stewardship

“The Bible makes it clear that God created everything and even though He has entrusted much to each of us, His name is still on the title. God is the owner, and we are His stewards.”

- Dave Briggs

Connect across cultures

“We haven’t even started at zero, we’ve had to go backward and undo things in people’s minds and attitudes so that we can then start at zero and build from there. And it’s just been a very safe and trusting way to do that.”

- Paola Easton

bring value to stewardship

“Stewardship is not about raising money; it’s about raising Christians who willingly trust God.”

– Unknown

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

- Winston Churchill

Upcoming Events

The Forum
Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, KY

If you’re going to get involved in the stewardship space, you need to be part of Christian Stewardship Network. It’s a necessity, because they’re on the forefront of an entire movement. If you want to learn about tactical stewardship—boots on the ground stuff that’s really working—these guys know more on their little finger than most people put together in North America.
— Dave Ramsey



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