Our mission is to encourage, teach, and connect church and stewardship leaders in the local church.

Welcome to the Christian Stewardship Network!

We are a network of stewardship pastors and leaders who serve in a local Christian congregation. Our mission is simple yet profound: connect stewardship pastors and leaders and help them be the absolute best they can be!

CSN gives us a place to network with other leaders who have the same unique calling in ministry. We are more effective in ministry when we have the opportunity to develop relationships with others serving on the front lines of stewardship ministry. We can encourage, challenge, equip and share experiences with each other.

If you are a stewardship pastor or a lay stewardship leader who is responsible for leading the financial stewardship ministries in your church, we want you in our network.

Whether you have 30 years of experience or are new to the ministry, our network has room for you.

Click the button below to explore how to get involved and integrated into the CSN family.

Leo Sabo

CSN President