The Evolution of Gateway's Stewardship Ministry

Running a stewardship ministry isn’t t easy. Whether you’re a growing church with one location or a growing church with multiple locations, you have to be willing to adapt and change if you’re going to make a cultural impact. On this episode of Stewardship Leader, Leo speaks to David Thompson, Executive Pastor of Life Flow Ministries, about the ever-evolving stewardship ministry at Gateway Church, as they expand beyond ten campuses.

Things you’ll hear on this episode

  • “It just shows that there’s no one size fits all, that you don’t put stewardship in a box and say, Ok, if everyone runs this one thing then it is going to be perfect.”

  • What I get to do is help make sure that we have the culture resonating through our church.

  • “We do it in different ways. How we do it looks different, but why we do it is always the same.”

  • “When a church first begins a stewardship ministry, the reason they start is because of the felt need of the congregation.”

  • If you’re a stewardship leader, you empowering a volunteer to run a major program is super honoring for the volunteer. They will want to do an excellent job for you.”

  • “How do we take this DNA of stewardship ministry and make sure it’s in every campus?”

  • “We know the vision from the Lord to our senior leader is large, so we have to figure out what is a model long-term, that’s gonna grow.”

  • “Now, I believe the essence of stewardship is a relationship with God.”

  • “Stewardship ministry is not the get out of debt ministry, it’s not the build a budget ministry, it’s not the invest and financial independence and retire early ministry. This ministry is about a relationship with God.”

  • “I didn’t hear a good, clear, biblical, theologically sound message on giving until I was 37 years old, and I grew up in the church.”

  • Our role as pastors is to equip the saints for the work of ministry.”


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