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Building A Comprehensive Stewardship Ministry

Imagine being reasonably new to stewardship and being asked to start a new stewardship ministry at your church? That’s precisely what happened to Steve Carter, the Stewardship Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. In this engaging episode of Stewardship Leader, you’ll learn the step to building a comprehensive stewardship ministry, and hopefully, gain some insights that will help you in your own stewardship ministry building journey. 

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From Stingy to Generous to Discipling Others In Generosity

In this episode of Stewardship Leader, we're talking with Blair Graham, stewardship pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh Durham, NC. Blair is passionate about using finances to lead people to a deeper relationship with Jesus. You'll appreciate his approach to starting the stewardship ministry at The Summit and how it developed over the first few years, and the insight he shared about running an effective stewardship ministry.

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