Reading List

Book recommendations for Stewardship Ministry development in the local church.

Stewardship Theology

NIV Stewardship Study Bible

Money, Possessions and Eternity
Randy Alcorn, Tyndale House,1989, 436 pages

Stewardship in the Kingdom… A Theology of Life in All Its Fullness
R. Scott Rodin. InterVarsity Press,2000, 216 pages

A Biblical Theology of Material Possessions
Gene A. Getz, Moody Press, 1990, 434 pages

Real Prosperity
Gene A. Getz, Moody Press, 1990, 188 pages

Money Management

The Eternity Portfolio
Alan Gotthardt, Tyndale House, 2003, 198 pages

Money Management: Master your Money
Ron Blue

Your Finances in Changing Times
Larry Burkett, Moody Press, 1975, 172 pages Ralph Weitz

Financial Peace Revisited
Dave Ramsey, Viking, 2003, 326 pages Ralph Weitz

Wealth to Last
Larry Burkett and Ron Blue, Broadman and Holman Publishers, 2003, 229 pages

Total Money Makeover
Dave Ramsey, Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2003, 240 pages

Your Money Counts
Howard Dayton, Crown Financial Publishing, 1996, 196 pages

Money & Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples
Matt Bell, NavPress, 2011, 240 pages

Money, Purpose, Joy
Matt Bell, NavPress, 2008, 205 pages

Money, Purpose, Joy Personal Workbook
Matt Bell, NavPress, 2008, 109 pages

Money, Purpose, Joy Discussion Guide
Matt Bell, NavPress, 2008, 87 pages

Money Strategies for Tough Times
Matt Bell, NavPress, 2009, 153 pages

Freed-Up From Debt
Matt Bell, Willow Creek Resources, 2009, DVD plus 63-page participant’s guide

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Wiley; 2 Edition, 2009, 384 pages

Christian Living

Generous Living
Ron Blue, Zondervan, 1997, 212 pages

A Life Well Spent
Russ Crosson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1994, 221 pages

Making Room for Life
Randy Frazee, Zondervan, 2003, 183 pages


Paul J. Meyer and the Art of Giving
John Edmund Haggai, Kobrey Press, 1994, 179 pages

As You Sow, The Adventure of Giving
Bill Bright, Here’s Life Publishers, 1989, 222 pages

The Treasure Principle, Discovering the Secret of Joyful Giving
Randy Alcorn, Multnomah Publishers, 2001, 96 pages

The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living
Robert Morris, Bethany House Publishers; Revised, Updated Ed. 2016, 224 pages

Ministry Helps

The Prevailing Church: An Alternative Approach to Ministry Design
Randy Pope, Moody Press, 2002, 251 pages

Money for Ministries
Wesley Willmer ed., Victor Books, 1989, 380 pages